Павел Самуилович Гуревич
Professor P. S. Gurevich, born in 1922. Veteran of World War II.
In 1950 graduated with excellence from Kazan Federal Medical University. For 20 years he worked as docent in the Anatomical Pathology Department in Kazan University, and for 20 more years as professor and Head of Department in Kursk Medical Institute.  After immigrating to Israel, started working as researcher in a university in Rehovot.

From the early sixties and on, the main field of research conducted by P. Gurevich is immunopathology of the embryo, the fetus and the newborn. He is the author of more than 300 scientific articles and 12 monographs in this field.

In the last 10 years he concentrated on researching early fetal immune reactions. This field is nearly uncovered by modern science, and many of its phenomena were first described by P. Gurevich.
The result of this work is more than 70 articles published worldwide in leading scientific magazines and academic journals.
These works allowed him to become a member of the New York Academy of Sciences.

The book presented to you is summarizing all of prof. P. S. Gurevich's work in the field.

Гуревич Павел Самойлович. Иммунопатология раннего периода беременности.

Immunopathology of germinal, embryonic and
early fetal periods in human.
Allogeneic conflicts.

The book is dedicated to the condition of embryos and early fetuses by such
diseases as allogeneic conflicts, hemolytic disease of fetus and newborns, sepsis,
congenital cytomegalic inclusion disease, and others. The studies are focused on the
immune protection of embryos. Particular attention is paid to the state and function of
structures of the placenta (her maternal and fetal parts) and of the embryo, to the
functioning of the secretory immune system and the individual immune protection of the
vital organs and cells. State of the immune protection of germs is considered at the
normal and the pathological conditions.

The author acknowledges:
A. Rossels PhD, MD, E. Gurevich, PhD, MD and S. Gershon PhD, MD for their help and support during the work on the book.

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